Mike Kuchar

Mike Kuchar

Aug. 31, 1942 (New York City, New York)

Official Website:

Major Works:
The Craven Sluck (1967)
Madonna (1967)
The Secret of Wendel Samson (1966)
Green Desire (1965)
Sins of the Fleshapoids (1964)
The Pervert (1963)
Born of the Wind (1961)
With George Kuchar:
Pussy on a Hot Tin Roof (1961)
A Tub Named Desire (1960)
The Thief and the Stripper (1959)
The Slasher (1958)
I Was a Teen Age Rumpot (1958)
The Naked and the Nude (1957)
Screwball (1957)
The Wet Destruction of the Atlantic Empire (1954)

Years Working:
1954 — 1959
1960 — 1967

Twin brother to underground filmmaker George Kuchar.

Cult filmmaker John Waters has said that Sins of the Fleshapoids is one of his favorite movies of all time.

Is one of the few ’60s members of the “New American Cinema” who has gone on to embrace video and digital filmmaking technologies.

Most of his more recent work is available via the Video Data Bank.

Online Resources:
IMDB: Profile
Bad Lit: Posts
Bright Lights Film Journal: Profile
Other Cinema: Interview

Film Books About Mike Kuchar:
Desperate Visions: Camp America by Jack Stevenson (Creation Books; 1996)
An Introduction to the American Underground Film by Sheldon Renan (E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc., New York, 1967) (Published simultaneously in Canada by Clarke, Irwin and Company, Limited, Toronto and Vancouver) (pp. 157-161.)

MIKE KUCHAR: interview with the legendary filmmaker at Moviate

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