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Peyote Queen

Director: Storm de Hirsch
Year: 1965
Synopsis: A further exploration into the color of ritual, the color of thought; a journey through the underworld of sensory derangement. (from Film-Makers' Cooperative)

News & Notes:
  • How come every time I download an HD movie trailer from Apple the colors are all reversed? #
  • Bad Lit is at last being Quantified. I feel so naked and exposed. See what demographic of my readers you fall into: #
  • Really didn't get this one. Nothing about it seemed genuine when it was crying out for genuine. Cloone… ▶ Up in the Air #
  • Ebert says a membership to Facets would make an awesome Christmas present. Sounds about right! #
  • Did YOU know Lenny Lipton had a blog? I didn't. #

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